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"Why I'm going steady with Lacy Young and SHIFT Retreats -

There is a terrific movement toward higher consciousness happening right now, which means retreats galore. Every time I visit Facebook or Instagram, someone I know or follow has launched a new retreat. So many to choose from, all kinds lead by all types. Many look interesting! However, I've flown to beautiful California and far flung Bali to join Lacy's SHIFT circle and each experience has been a game changer that has thrust me into a space of accelerated learning, knowing, and feeling, and a vastly improved mode of being. I can't imagine a better retreat experience! As a client of Lacy's for five years, she has been my health coach, biz coach, ally in personal evolution, meditation guide, healer, and general uplifter. She's the whole package. So call off the search. You've found "the one". SHIFT and Lacy Young are the best things going. (And you deserve the best.)"  

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