Calm Your Storm

Last week I walked into a store and immediately wanted to turn around and walk out. The crowds + chaos that often come with the holidays can be really overwhelming. I've created a short and potent visualization to support you if you ever feel overwhelmed or vulnerable in crowds. This morning I received some solid feedback that it is already working it's magic!

"This morning getting off the train, Penn station was filled, absolutely filled, with cops. I didn't put 2 and 2 together that it's a holiday and reason for heightened security. As I'm approaching the exit I was bracing myself for the soldiers and bomb squads which are usually outside Penn Station in cases like these. 
Suddenly I remembered that I had a new protection glove and I instantly switched it on and a wave of calm came over me. Then I got tingles on top of my head that it worked. I'm currently emanating a ✨warm yellow glow✨."

You can find it at or if it's easier to remember 

#getyourglowon 🙌🏼 #meditationsforreallife 
ps. This is also a wonderful meditation to share with your kiddos.