Ceremony 7

I have received care in many hospitals over these last 13 years but I've never felt so loved, held and sure of healing.

Ceremony 7 reminded me that every night is COMPLETELY different and though my questions were answered it was in wildly unexpected ways. My healing has been like that all the way through - unexpected and illuminating. Despite negotiating the cleaning process, which for me has been quite physical, I am enjoying clarity in each moment. I really know what I know.

This place, our group, the gorgeous couple we came here with (Cvita and Markus who are both Shaman and I can't recommend highly enough) are the epitome of love, non judgement and the power of having a village. Any time I've had a hard ceremony the group has rallied around me, held space for my healing, sang extra songs, sat with me, and held my hand. I'm reminded that healing dis-ease is a deeply personal path made bearable with the right helpers and healers showing up along the way.