Easy Breathing

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A week ago today I was in Boston fresh outta surgery on my trachea. When I woke up in recovery among my first thoughts was a list of things I couldn’t wait to do like spend some serious QT in nature.
It feels so good to be home. It feels so good to breathe with ease. It feels so good to feel good. I wake up smiling. I move through my day smiling. I laugh a lot. I forgot how much energy I have when my airway is open.
I heard myself say to a friend this morning that "I am not worried about anything" and I paused to notice. As someone who has spent most of their life always worried about something it's basically the best thing I could ever feel. And I'm feeling it right now!
Thank you all so much for how you've held me, for how you see me and offer loving support. I remain convinced that we are better together and our combined intentions for good moves mountains (and sometimes scar tissue).
Thank you, I love you! May you not be worried about anything, may you feel free, and may you experience ease all the days of your life.