Feel Good Breath

I began to notice a real difference in my breathing at the end of our Bali trip and it started to FEEL REAL in the airport in Taiwan. On the way to Bali we had to stop several times in the Taipei airport for me to catch my breath. Just walking, rolling my bag and carrying my backpack was too much. So we'd pause, I would wait for my breathing to become manageable again and then we'd proceed. This time I was walking well ahead of Cliff. I stopped to look back and wait for him when it dawned on me - OMG I'm breathing with ease! When Cliff caught up I said, "Hey do you notice anything?" And he said, "Your breathing sounds so good!!!!" We shared a look of awe, excitement and both wondered without saying it aloud if this was going to be here to stay.

About a week later I went with my sister to hear a great mystic speak. After the keynote we said hello (he + Kayla are friends). Kayla shared the story of my healing + that meditation in Bali (see previous post in this series). He reached out and as nonchalantly as possible while asking "what's your name" pushed me on my breast bone w/ his pointer and index finger. The push made me physically sway and I braced myself by stepping one foot back as I answered his question with, "I'm Lacy." What happened after that was pure magic. 
When Kayla and I got in the car post encounter I was all caps GIDDY! I'd been feeling down and uninspired that day but all those feelings were suddenly + completely gone. I felt like he read the energy of my throat and gave me a blessing! Kayla agreed that was definitely what happened. We sang songs from our childhood at the top of our lungs in the car and memorized the events of the night with deep gratitude.

When I got home I was still physically buzzing. I washed my face and when I looked up to see that all the soap was rinsed away I noticed a small heart on my chest where he'd touched me! WHA? I took a photo to see if it would show up to send to Kayla and it totally did! See it below my necklace and above my cleavage? It stayed with me for nearly 36 hours. 
MAGIC is real. Healing is possible. I'm living proof.