Gratitude List No. 1


I've abandoned all list making lately because they were stressing me right out. All but this kind. This kind always leaves me feeling better. 


  • Kombucha, his face when we found it in France 🇫🇷

  • Ned, always and forever Ned

  • Daily fires and his joy at splitting all the logs

  • Bread and butter pickles

  • The heavy wool blanket Mema bought for us at a garage sale

  • Flannel pj pants and fuzzy socks

  • The light through the stained glass lately

  • "Face texting" on Marco Polo

  • Mason jar + lid + straw getting me closer to my daily water goals

  • French pharmacy finds helping me feel much better about rosacea

  • That moment on the phone when I told her that she matters and she really got it - how we both got weepy and then just kept on going

  • When I asked him, "what are you grateful for right now?" he said... "pretty much everything- you, Ned, this cabin, a fire every night, good food."

  • I'm grateful for our alignment

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