Gratitude List No. 2



  • Nature. Her beauty. Her good medicine. This Lake Tahoe view over lunch with Cliff.

  • Ned. His age is showing lately and I'm aware that life is fragile, complicated and wonderful. Time with him. The way his belly smells especially after a bath. Every purr. Waking up with him on my pillow laying between us.

  • Garlic. CBD oil. Adaptogenic powders. I've been having a lot of full circle moments around plants as medicine lately. Where surgery can no longer offer support plants are filling the gaps. I'm humbled by them.

  • The power of words. Giving them, receiving them. Collecting the kind ones. How A.S. said, "You're adding important layers to what I've been doing and model how to uplevel my work with even more humanity, love and integrity." And how A.D. said "these words, your words just moved a mountain in my right now-"

  • Fireplace fires, wool blankets, all the bed layers, warm cuppa, heated toilet seats, fuzzy soaks --- the comforts of winter.

  • People I meet on the internet who make me feel grateful for even knowing they exist. For the beauty that is shared in places like this. For how we all have the potential to really see and celebrate each other.

  • For long stretches of silence and picking back up right where I left off.

  • Outlander, Jane The Virgin and wifi strong enough to stream them.

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p.s. About to get into a salt bath and write my New Moon Wishes. I do them every month, always in the same little notebook for ease of looking back. I write "I WANT... I WANT... I DESIRE..." etc and then at the end I add "RIGHT NOW" because who am I to make things take a long time? And then @jess.laine taught me to add "sent with love" which feels like the perfect balance to my loving demands of "right now." Happy New Moon, friends!