Gratitude List No. 3

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 12.40.15 PM.png

Leigh - a forever friend who listens, asks the right questions at the right times, gives the most thoughtful gifts, rents tiny cottages by the sea (and has a gift for picking the best of the best on air bnb), brings sage to clear the space and draws tarot spreads to map out the year. Oh! and totally understands the importance of letting me eat on a regular schedule. Thank you, friend
I am grateful for the practice of gracious receiving - especially around my birthday!
The way Ned purrs lately anytime Cliff smooches him
Winter light through our stained glass
steamed broccoli, my easy healthy reset button right now. And pushing it on the regular because too much sugar
Land-mates who watch our fur kid when adventure calls (sitting at the airport right now headed out to scout potential future Shift Retreat locations)
Face texting Mom to see her bathroom reno in progress
how happy Cliff is to be studying for his IFR (instrument flight rating)
Cliff says lately he’s grateful for knowledge of the larger universe, me in his life and our paid off house