Ideas vs. Knowing

My first coach and dear friend, Anthony and his girlfriend Kristin (who is also a coach) visited over Christmas. We spent three days talking and going deep into what each of us believe, are working on and sharing our favorite tools for healing. It was QUALITY time. One of the topics that most resonated with me was Ideas vs. Knowing.

Ideas are a dime a dozen. We have millions of them in our lifetime. Knowings are special. They are moments when you feel moved, inspired and you just know you MUST do something. I can easily look back into the archives of my life and business and see the difference between ideas and knowings.

My most recent course, Rise was a knowing. I knew I was supposed to create and lead it in the full body goosebumps on top of my goosebumps kind of way. I put it off for a year and when I was finally ready I put it out there women showed up and not only did the work but validated my knowing with their phenomenal results. Same for Shift retreats and Sweet Surrender. They are and always have been all caps - KNOWINGS.

Campaign for Confidence was an idea. The intention was pure but at the end of the day it was just a fun idea. When I pulled the plug on it last year I felt it was complete. I felt gratitude for all it taught me and I experienced zero sadness as I hit the delete button.

My desire this year is to flow from knowing to knowing. I'm totally cool with a few good/fun ideas along the way to keep things interesting but I'll handle ideas totally differently now. I'll keep a loose grip on them and stay focused on my feel good. As soon as I start to constrict, feel stress or worry I'll know it's time to zoom out and renegotiate the situation. Knowings will have my full attention. I'll talk with them like a trusted friend. Woo them, love them, allow them and do my best to get out of the way so that the information can flow to and through me.

How will you know the difference? Ideas come from the mind and are fueled from thoughts centered around our beliefs. They may come and go. A knowing comes from deep within, you will feel it in the pit of your stomach or the center of your chest. Knowings emanate, radiate, pulsate and spread like a wave throughout your body. They generate a clarity of purpose unlike ideas which are fleeting.

So what about you? Does this concept change your perspective on your life or business?

Love you,


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