Imperfect Perfection

Hi! It’s 2 am and I riding the jet lag waves. Laying here scrolling through images of our trip. This one was an accidental model moment Fr the mud bath in Da Nang, Vietnam — and I’ll take it!

We decided to come home earlier than planned so that I could have a surgery on my airway. And the thing is I’ve just been immersed in months of sincere and active healing work ON my airway.

In one view I could be super disappointed that the stuff I’ve been up to didn’t work OR I could choose to see the perfection in how this is all playing out. What if all my efforts in the Far East helped to serve up the scar tissue so that my doc can now scoop it out and clear the way for a good long time?

Point is, always leave room for the miracle. Release the need to judge the process. Foster a belief that life is happening for you.