Instant Change

If you've been following along the last 8 days you may be noticing a pattern - many Shifts are practices that can be adopted and nurtured to help shape your thoughts, your state-of-being and ultimately your life. But there ARE shifts that you don't have to repeat. One-and-done moments actually DO exist. Meditation helps (ayahuasca too) as well as any of an infinite number of spontaneous catalysts.

It's true that life keeps giving you opportunities to "get it" until you do. Once it happens, that's it, you're done with that particular lesson and you get to move the fuck on. Those are the sweetest moments. 〰
What's important to know is that it's more often than not like walking into a dark, unknown cave. You must summon incredible bravery and have a willingness to take one step after another until you come face-to-face with yourself and the stories you've been telling on repeat. 〰
I tell all my retreaters that some changes are a chipping away process and others happen in a moment. So keep showing up to do the work because those moments of instant change are worth waiting for. 〰
P.s. saw this on a hike recently. It was blocked off but the sign said that Woolly Mammoth bones and all kinds of other gigiantic prehistoric remains were found there!