Invite The Process

This space has become a bit of an open journal lately and for those of you who have hung in with me I thank you. ✨

Since getting home from Peru I have been insular. Quiet. There's so much processing still happening and at night I swear I have been in ceremony and that Aya is still working on me. My dreams are more vivid than they've ever been and I've always had really epic dreams. There is so much that I feel is HEALED and other things that are just beginning their healing process. ✨

I've eased back into work and yesterday was overcome with gratitude for doing coaching calls and spending time with clients who have become dear in my life. I remembered how much I love my work. I remembered how good it feels to step into full focus on someone else and ignite my powerful perspective. I remembered how good I am at holding space for others going through a process. ✨

Remembering has been one of the best parts of coming home. It's as if I've been reborn and get to discover everything all over again. As a result it's been really easy to keep what feels good and ditch the rest without apology. I am spending my days much more freely than I used to and giving myself all I need - there have been many baths, naps with Ned, watched the entire season of Stranger Things with Cliff and one incredibly worth while vegan whoopie pie.