I've got the Bali Shine!

I've got the Bali Shine on me and I want to rub some on you too!

Bali was the completion of a trinity for me, the third retreat and a return to where it all started (I first saw the vision of retreats while on a solo journey in Bali in 2014). The sense of completion is potent, and as I emerge from that space I feel brand new! I came home with such powerful clarity around what next; so much so that it's changing the way I'm spending the month of March.

Our time in Bali was deeply embedded in the support of ritual. Through sacred rituals I came into an ownership of my own power in an undeniable, ALL CAPS, "I see it now" kind of way. We did a lot of talking about superpowers, and I received a vision of my superpowers helping YOU to harness your power. I can see how all this work has always been leading me here to this moment. I can see how you are so ready to own your power and NOW is your moment. I have words for things that were previously undefined, and it's time for you to feel those ripples in your life. I hoped to glimpse the Divine on this trip, and what I received was an outright drenching of the Divine in the middle of rainy season!

So here's what I know now... I am divinely gifted at taking people (YOU!) on journeys within themselves (YOU!) to release trapped emotions and feel a greater sense of joy and freedom in their (YOUR!) lives. You're being called (we all are) to recharge in this moment. Solar Plexus wants to be a place of powerful, still waters in your body, and the waters need to be still so that you can understand that innate power! So that you can own it, intimately know it and harness it!

So this month I am graciously integrating all this knowing I received, and I’m answering a deep call to share, to connect, to be still and to allow the ripples to wash over those around me. In the spirit of this call, I will spend the month of March working 1:1 with those who desire to feel it too. These personalized sessions will be ripe with the guided visualizations and inspired conversations that made the energy of Bali so sweetly special.

What I know about energy is that it is powerful and non-local, which means you do not have to go to Bali to get the benefits of Bali. I'm here and ready to share that energy with you in the most honest, truthful and gracious way that I know how, so in March I am offering Bali Shine Sessions. They are:

  • 90 minutes of phone time together where we will talk about your personal power. We will ask Spirit what is needed to still the waters in your Solar Plexus. We will talk about belief (because it always begins with belief) and we will meditate together (deeply, deeply meditate).
  • After the call, I will channel, create, and record a personalized visualization meditation for you to use over a prescribed period of time to cultivate, get in touch with and harness your personal power.
  • In addition to your recorded visualization, you'll receive targeted journal prompts as homework to support you in your journey within.
  • I'll be sending you a sweet little something in the mail (based on Divine guidance from our session together) to support you in your work in meditation and aid you in remembering your divine power.

The message over and over again in Bali was the reiteration that this is real, change is real and you get to take it with you. So often we can make a little progress and then fear that somehow we will 'backslide' and the change won't be permanent. I'm here to remind you that the changes you want to make in your life are waiting for you! They are real and they are yours for the taking! Own your power and come claim your Bali Shine! It’s right there in your own heart and body, and I’m going to lead you right to it.

Book your Bali Shine Session here.

With so much love,