Let The Shifts Begin

This year I'm expanding my work to honor the knowing inside that has been clearly speaking saying, "Lacy, it's time to offer more. It's time to share what you know, to let people in, to hold them close and love them deeply so that you may grow together, open and heal together. It's time." It all became clear in Bali.

And so... I am thrilled to share that I am hosting my first in person retreat May 16 - 23, 2015 in Costa Rica. I'm calling it Shift and it's being infused with so much love and careful attention to every detail. I like to think of it as born in Bali and growing up in Costa Rica.

If this is for you you'll feel it in deep within. It will be a clear YES. This retreat will be like nothing you've ever experienced. You can read all about it at LacyYoungRetreats.com (and the link is in the profile). p.s. I'm so proud of the website. May you feel hopeful and lifted when you visit the site! May you feel your power, potential and beauty always.