Mung Beans

Anyone else FEEL that full moon? It took me 30 years to find mung beans and another year to actually like them. Now they're my go to when I need to get back to center.

I made these really simply... just beans in water until absorbed (like cooking rice). And then a little salt, pepper, and cumin. 

Boil whole mung beans in water and they're ready to eat in about 45 minutes. Split mung beans, which have the outer skin removed and are yellow, take only 20-30 minutes to cook. 

Benefits of mung beans:

  • Good source of protein and fiber (buh bye constipation)
  • Low in sodium and cholesterol
  • They stimulate production of GOOD stuff for your skin (elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid <---- which is all the rage right now in skin care for helping to keep moisture in)
  • They reduce inflammation in the body
  • And if you know about Ayurveda they are one of the foods that balance all three doshas (a super food in that right)