Natural Beauty

I was invited to the home of a local family. The father teaches language classes and we spent time talking together. I shared information about processed foods, organic foods and the problems with pesticides. He shared SO MUCH information about his culture and I've been devouring the memories of it already.

I learned little phrases to say thank you, hello, how's it going. His wife and 3 daughters served cakes and coffee (I asked for water, no caffeine for me, makes me crazy). The little green ones were my favorite. They were sure to inform me that the green color comes from the leaf of a plant. "No artificial! Is leaf!" It's topped with grated coconut (sooooo good) and then with a sugar sauce. I ate them both ways and prefer them without the sugar.

The cake is usually served for religious ceremonies and is rare today so it was a huge honor to be presented with and get to eat them.