Not The Day

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Are you ready to learn a phrase that is going to transform your life and let you off the hook for all time? 〰
The Sweet Surrender Sugar Detox begins one week from today and I typically begin detoxing a week before so that I'm through most of the withdrawal symptoms and can be there for my people while they are detoxing. 〰
I started yesterday and sent my sister Kayla a message to ask her if she wanted to join me. They were at an Easter gathering with friends and kiddos complete with a piñata filled with candy. 〰
When Kayla got back to me she had the best laugh in her voice as she relayed the sugar filled items she'd been enjoying. She ended by saying something that we often say to each other - "today is not the day for sugar detoxing!" 〰
Some days are the day for ____. and some simply are not. The line, "Today is not the day for _______." is one of our favorite. It's so permission giving, so loving and in my opinion a wonderful way to continue practicing making nothing wrong in your life.