Nothing But Joy

What you're seeing here is pure joy. This was our final meeting at Shift in Costa Rica.
"The SHIFT Retreat with Lacy Young was nothing short of transformative. I arrived with beliefs and habits that did not serve me or my family, and I left with a profound shift in perspective that is rooted in Love. All the winding roads that I’ve traveled in life, all the triumphs and moments of despair, have set me on a journey of self-discovery. SHIFT provided a safe, sacred space to set myself free - to gently release the persistent negative voice within and step into the authentic empowerment that comes with falling in love with oneself. My journey is now filled with curiosity, enthusiasm, mindfulness, gratitude, and joy. Stumbling is no longer cause for self-loathing, but rather an opportunity to practice compassion and fortitude. And for that I am so deeply, humbly grateful!

Once SHIFT is over, it doesn’t end! The power within our group is palpable. We are the living, breathing realization of Lacy’s vision in Bali. Her powerful, intuitive guidance helped us to realize individually and collectively the Truth that we have everything we need within us. Each day, as Lacy expertly guided us through powerful processes and life-altering meditations in a space of support and non-judgment, we were bonded together in our sacred circle. As we’ve all returned back to our homes, that eternal bond just continues to strengthen.

The retreat in Costa Rica may be over, but the journey continues!" -LW, Wildeshausen, Germany -----
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