Packing for Shift Retreat in Bali! It's my third retreat to date. Spending time putting things in the pile, taking things out of the pile and pausing to savor this moment as I think about the people joining me on this epic trip. Every group has an alchemy all its own. I love that part.

The anticipation of this trip is off the charts as it opens up a window of time...

February in Bali.
March in Boston.
April in Seattle.

May in Costa Rica.

Four months of Shifting together.

It's a time of fierce love where the divine feminine and sacred masculine will be celebrated. Where suffering and struggle will give way to ease and flow. Where trust, lightness of being and freedom are on the menu daily.

May we be bold in our love, unwavering in devotion to our highest selves and brave enough to say "yes!" to the journey inward. If you feel called, I'd love for you to Shift with me. All you need to know can be found here.