Power In Details

When I first started conceptualizing what Shift Retreats would be like I knew there would be gifts, and lots of them. Gift-giving is one of my love languages, and I believe in the power of details to make a good thing even better! 
At my first retreat in Costa Rica I was brimming with excitement when I announced to the participants that each day there would be meditation, reflection, and a little something extra…LOVE GIFTS! I remember looking over at my friend Molly, and she had this knowing smile on her face as if to say - "of course you'd be showering us with presents!"

At the end of each retreat I give a feedback form and one of my favorite comments to date has been this: "Thank you for changing my life and teaching me all I need to know to live healthy and fulfilled. The constriction in my chest is gone. My heart feels free to finally love again and thank you seems insufficient. All this and you constantly were giving me gifts - I feel like I'm the one that needs to be giving you all the gifts. That deodorant though... 👍🏽I'm keeping that!"

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