Pursuit Of Alignment

When I complete a journal I go back and read it. I consider this an act of respect and remembering for the person I was when I started it and who I’ve become as the pages turned. This is where I get my journal page posts from. They are real pages in my journal that were/ are notes to self.

I completed a journal en route to Bali which felt exactly perfect. This page felt like it wanted to be shared. It’s reads, “Please help to align what is misaligned. A brave ask.” I hope some aspect of it speaks to you.

More than anything lately I’m clear on one thing - I work with energy (actually we all do, all the time). But specifically, in my work, I move through creating sacred and safe space. Together through a united, clear intention we begin to manipulate the subtle energies of the body.

It’s in this space that whatever was misaligned receives help and attention to once again become aligned. I find this to be an incredibly brave thing to do.

And yet there comes a point when it would be more painful to stay the same than the work it would take to change.

The bravery comes in because the process of moving back into alignment is FILLED with the unknown. Moving back into alignment may be a straightforward task like screwing your sunglasses stem (is that what they’re called?) back on. OR it could be something else entirely... you may not know where the screw went even though you remember wearing the glasses in one piece at some point. You may have to get new glasses all together... (you’re getting this metaphor right?) coming back into alignment holds so many variables. And with that so many sensations, emotions and experiences. In asking for alignment we trust that whatever it takes to move towards it is a worth while pursuit. I believe it is.