Reluctant to share

Dear Lacy,

How do I convince my husband that he NEEDS to come to your retreat? Help me help him! He values personal growth but is reluctant to share experiences with others in conversation. We have the money but he will be hesitant to spend it on this retreat. His doctors agree with me that he needs to add meditation to his life to help in healing his body. 

I welcome your thoughts on the matter!


Dear S,

What a sweet and passionate partner you are! I'm so touched by your desire to help your husband. I'd be happy to chat with him or both of you on the phone to answer any questions about the structure of the retreat etc. 

I can tell you that it will be a safe place for your husband to grow and share as much or as little as he feels comfortable sharing. That feeling is very normal and it's been my experience in the past that those who were reluctant to share open up with ease in the support of the group. 

Money is one of the most common excuses that comes up as a barrier. The simple truth is, very few people budget for this kind of event so it easily gets lumped into the "budget buster" category. The retreat has been priced intentionally to further encourage those who are ready and willing to do this work. My first business coach Allison Crow said something to me that I will never forget, "Lacy, you know what it will cost you to do this but I want to know what will it cost you to NOT to do it." Her words were and still are a BOOM that reverberates through my body. I hit the buy button, did the work and my life has never been the same in the best of ways. 

I want to be clear in saying that this is something he must want for himself. It's not enough for him to attend to make you or his doctors happy. There has to be a spark in there, a calling that he is willing to listen to and answer. I ask that participants be willing and open to change. Such simple words and for some a monumental ask. 

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a time to speak further. 

With love,