Repeat After Me

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"This week I will: 
_____________✨practice devoted awareness of my thoughts, feelings and words. @kaylaburnsfloyd and I call this going all "belief police" on ourselves. 
_____________🤗choose the better feeling, the better thought and enjoy the better reality. 
_____________🌼get in the space of possibility for happiness and feelings of being in love with life. 
_____________🙋welcome opportunities for growth (and maybe even consider coming on Shift Retreat in June)." #happymonday 
Taken from a convo with my sis who reminds me to use my tools in the most loving ways. Image by @emilywalen at a Shift retreat. The fella in this photo says it was "a crystalline moment that won’t fade from memory." I could not agree more. 👭👫👬👭💚