This time last year I was in Bali. Cliff and Ned where home in Houston. We were already living in the RV. I had no idea really what I was doing there except that a series of undeniable events made me feel like I HAD TO GO.

First. I'm cleaning out a closet of our stuff at my mom's house. I find the book Eat, Pray, Love and have a fleeting thought... "Bali would be nice right about now." I put the book in a pile and keep going.

Second. I receive an email that I've won tickets to see Oprah at her Life You Want Weekend. Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of Eat, Pray, Love, is speaking at that weekend. I didn't enter into a contest, my aunt registered me and somehow she knew I was going to win them.

Third. I see an Instagram post from a gal I follow that reads, "Happy Birthday to me, just bought myself plane tickets to go spend a month in Bali."

All this happened within 24 hours. When I saw the Instagram post I knew. I had that whoosh feeling wash over me and I was staring directly into the unknown. Something big was going to happen there. I had to go and I had to go alone. I looked up at Cliff from the table and said, "I think I'm supposed to go to Bali." He replied, "Go for it." I booked the ticket and the rest is not only history but history that has lead directly to this moment.

It was in Bali that a series of events led me to a mediation class where I saw and experienced myself leading my first retreat. I saw faces smiling back at me as we all sat together in a circle. Some I knew, some I did not yet know. It was undeniable as sign after sign showed up in short order nudging me towards my first Shift retreat that happened May of this year in Costa Rica.

In a cafe after the meditation class a girl walks up to me and asks if I lead meditation retreats. I giggle and say, "no, not yet." Then I email a friend to ask her favorite retreat spots. She emails me back so quickly it seems unreal. A place called Blue Spirit is at the top of her list. Later that day another girl asks me if I've ever been to Blue Spirit, she thinks she must have met me there. WHA? Come on! By now I'm feeling like I'm either excellent at following the signs or the Universe is making this so dummy proof that there's no way I can fail. Either way I'm totally entertained. I email Blue Spirit and book the retreat. Before I ever left Bali this new chapter of my work was born.

I have been asking for effortless ease in my life and work for years. When it showed up in Bali I was ready. Ready to take the leap, ready to follow the signs and ready to show up and do the work necessary to breathe life into these retreats. I remember feeling giddy anticipation as I dreamed and planned. I remember speaking with the Divine in tears of gratitude giving thanks for my life. I remember feeling that this was important, sacred even. I remember seeing your faces--- each and every one of you known to me and soon to be known.

February next year I will lead a group to Bali and together we will leap into the unknown. We will travel together, open up to new cultures, and to new parts of ourselves through meditation. We will follow the signs, spend time in sacred places and lean ever closer to the true version of ourselves. If you're feeling the whoosh, the inner knowing, the OMG THIS!!!! then join us!

You'll find all the information you need here.