Shared Stories

I guide people through transformation. I hold hearts, hands and space through transition for a living. I'm really good at it. I'm deeply passionate about it. It's the answer to the question "What do you love so much you'd do it for free."

Lately I've been moving through my own transition as my breathing has be total shit. It's been painful and has added layers and chapters to my healing journey. What I know about transition is that I/ we/ you can't force it (mostly because you just don't have any energy left). It fucking blows but there's no where to go but IN IT. (also - I curse to help move energy and it really works for me. not meaning to offend anyone with all my fucks and shits in this post just trying to keep it raw and real and authentic and right now this is REAL).

After doing a good bit of wallowing I decided to take action and made a short series of videos sharing some of my breathing story. My intention was simple: to help others who may be negotiating this condition. I believe in the power of sharing our stories. If you're interested you can see them here (forgive the black space on either sides - rookie move of holding the phone the wrong way):

Together we are mighty! #shareyourstory #thestoryofmyhealing