Shift Aftermath

End of the retreat selfie! I am in awe of the power of these Shift gatherings and I'm in new levels of gratitude that I've made this my work. It could have been so easy to stick to greens, beans and grains. You guys know how much I LOVE REAL FOOD but I knew there was an expansion, another layer... something I had to do that I couldn't quite name. I felt it there and watched as it came into focus and these retreats were born. One year ago I was wrapping up my first retreat in this very spot. Full circle. I love the completion of a circle. 

I encourage you to listen closely to the whispers inside and continue faithfully following what feels good for you. It's ok if you can't the picture clearly. It will come into focus when the time is right for you. Stay open to possibility. There are literally infinite possibilities on how the Universe can conspire in your favor!