Silence & Healing

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Yesterday was a magic day!

Surgery on my trachea was a huge success and these last three procedures in quick succession did exactly what we hoped. A more gentle approach over time has led to my airway being bigger than it's been in 14 years! This is huge for me and my breather!

I posted here in stories as I was headed to the hospital yesterday and want to thank you all for your kind words and positive thoughts of a wide open airway! I believe in the power of combining our energies into a clear intention. And it was definitely heard!

Over all these years I've developed a practice of thanking the group of people in the OR and exuberantly telling them to have fun! There's always a giggle that moves through the room and then I'm out. I love this practice as it covers the bases by speaking words of gratitude and lightening the mood.

Today I'm in silence (part of the recovery process) and about the work of moving the anesthesia out of my body. If I'm being honest all those drugs are really fun for like 5-7 minutes and after that it's all temporary amnesia, seemingly endless dry mouth and constipation. But oh those few minutes.

No complaints here. I'm just going to sit here in copious amounts of salt and magnesium and healing flowers and soak while I continue the silent disco that is happening inside my head. I love breathing and I love you!