The #1 Question I live by


In October I traveled to Granada, Spain to co-lead a retreat called Hearts On Fire with my sister Kayla Floyd, and this past weekend I led a weekend retreat called Elevate near our home in Auburn, CA. The past several months have been rich with experience that want for sharing. 

Hearts On Fire was a vulnerable retreat to lead. It was a pulling back of the curtain where Kayla and I shared many of our own rituals, practices and beliefs around what it means to be a connected mystic living in this world. 

One of the participants, a woman I know to be highly intuitive looked at me at the end of the first day and with a giggle said, "WOW! You're really going for it, aren't you?" I looked her in the eyes and said, "YEAP! And just wait, there's so much more." And boy was there. 

As the week progressed I watched in awe as healthy skepticism led to moments of sweet release. Our direction to the group all along the way was to stay connected to the question, "Does it feel loving?" And indeed this question is a guiding force in my life, and one that has kept my heart connected to what feels like my true north. 

When something feels loving, it's the sign to proceed with great curiosity and enthusiasm. When it does not, it's time to peel back the layers, look more closely and respond accordingly. You always, always get to choose what feels best for you.

Consider bringing this powerful question, "Does it feel loving?" into your days to use as a measure for decisions big and small. What would you change in your life if you were making this inquiry about your relationships, your food choices, your money matters and more? What I have observed is that when we invite love in, incredible expansion follows. 

There are two opportunities to invite loving expansion through a Shift retreat in 2018. I'm so excited to share them both with you!


FEBRUARY 23 -27, 2018

For five days and four nights we will enjoy 70-acres of beauty at Sunrise Springs Spa Resort. When we are not in session you will have dedicated time to enjoy the integrative spa and soaking tubs as well as access to Sunrise Springs daily activities including Puppy Studio!

Puppy Studio is exactly what you think it is, you get to play with puppies! Sunrise Springs has partnered with Assistance Dogs of the West, an organization that has served the community for over 20 years. You'll get to help train the little fur faces to become future service dogs. What sweet soul food after our meditations!

AUGUST 8-12, 2018

Named one of the best US Retreat spots, La Casa de Maria is a beloved sanctuary for heart, mind, and spirit, nestled gently between mountain and sea in Santa Barbara. Together we will experience 26 acres that the New York Times has proclaimed as “pure splendor.”

There is an undeniable energy in this place that I cannot wait to share with you. Picture yourself walking through the rock labyrinth, moving among the citrus groves and taking a dip in the pool.

This location is perfectly aligned for the work you'll be doing at Shift. You will find rest, renewal, a connection to your soul, and deeper purpose. 

I believe in the power of experience. It's why I create them. Your Shift is waiting. Will you say yes to the experience? Join us in Santa Fe or Santa Barbara in 2018.

lacy at Alhambra

With love,