There IS Magic In You

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I was lovingly accused of possessing magical abilities over the holiday and Cliff and I have been unpacking the conversation. What was only a momentary remark has become a beautiful vessel for clarity. Here's where I've landed:

Many (if not most) humans are living in a five sensory experience. In a nut shell I guide myself and others from the sixth-sense, that place of intuition in your heart space. I listen to messages from my soul and my Higher Self. I get really quiet and ask sincerely to see the unseen, to experience alignment of what has become misaligned, to understand what I need to know right now for my highest good. This is a practice. It may seem magical to some but to me it is a skill that we uncover when we follow our intuition. And it is a power that we all share.

I take full credit for answering the call. It was a conscious decision and a choice I continue to make. And if you're here reading this perhaps YOU are being guided to tune and hone your intuition.

Here's one way to begin. Get curious about your emotions and why things are impacting you. Trace your reactions back to their origin. Learn how to let energy move through and out of your body. And if you find yourself in a toxic place (physically, emotionally or spiritually) learn how to identify what has become blocked inside. Removing blocks = eliminating toxicity.

I use meditation, breath, visualization, detoxifying foods, changed beliefs, clear intentions and verbal processing to remove blockages and invite lightness. And certainly some of the things I've seen have felt like straight up magic but I know the truth is they were willing to do the work to move energy and clean up the home of their soul (aka the body). I believe intuition is connection. I believe when we become aware of non-physical reality we come into our own ---- and happiness or job satisfaction or having a love in your life or whatever you desire is no longer such an elusive thing.