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I overheard a conversation recently that went like this:

Person 1
“... anyway that’s my truth...” Person 2
“Seriously? Your truth is terrifying!” I watched their body language and the confusion that washed over them both as the conversation escalated.

If one persons truth causes fear in other it is not Truth. It may be their experience and that is never to be diminished but it’s not the big T, Truth.

And beyond that what if truth does not matter? What if it is just... truth. What if there was only fear or love and everything in between was noise? And what if every experience is inching us all closer to love, even through moments of extreme contrast?

Point is- stay open, nurture your curiosity, ask questions, challenge your beliefs and continue to calibrate to what feels most loving to you. It’s up to you if you want to call it your truth or not.

Ps. I came upon this swing not long after contemplating what truth means to me. The Universe has an undeniable sense of humor. Naturally I took her up on the offer and became truth in motion for a little while.