Unplug & Recharge

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Sometimes I feel like I have two children - one is my entrepreneur self, the other is my spiritual teacher self. I try to give them each quality time alone but mostly I'm a busy mamma trying keep it all going while tending to my sanity. It's not quite as chaotic as that sounds but great metaphor, right? 
Last year I did something I'd never done before and took a month off completely unplugged. I turned my phone off and put it in a drawer and powered down my computer. When I turned everything back on again the world was still turning, I hadn't missed anything big and my clients were all still there. It was proof that it's ok to create longer spans of time for radical self care. 
And so I've decided it's an annual gift that I give to myself. The first 10 days are reserved for my spiritual self. We will sit in silence together and commune with the trees on this land we call home. Then, on the 11th day, I'll call my mom, my sister, my bestie and begin to ease back into connectedness with my people. 
See you all August 1st with pictures of the completed tiny yoga studio! 
I love you,