Welcome The Unknown

At the beginning of my journey my sister @kaylaburnsfloyd did a reading for me. It's been my true north on this trip. As I head into my final week I'm in awe of how true this has been for me... "This trip into yourself is going to be the undoing of you in some ways. That can sound scary, ominous, but it is pure, true freedom, I promise you.

Lean into the unknown. Lean into the icky... You are so divinely loved and there is a sense of falling away all around you. Like the leaves fall from the trees each autumn. Except it’s entire branches. They’re just falling off one by one, and you’re feeling the breeze. You’re finally seeing the view. You’re realizing you weren’t as constricted as you always felt. There is a great opening and a great softening. Flow with it. This time is about pruning."