Welcome to the NEW LacyYoung.com

Meet the new site! Isn't she pretty! If ever my heart was visible on a screen this is it. I can't wait to hear what you think!

My trip to Bali last November changed the course of life and work in majorly visible ways. This site is an extension of those changes born in perfect timing to announce that in 2016 we will travel back to Bali for a Shift Retreat. The details are still coming together but you can see what I know so far right over here. Also in May 2016 we are going back to Costa Rica! Read more here.

The best part of this new site is that I will manage everything that happens here. Not in that control freak kind of way but in that empowered 'OH HEY I know how to change that/ add this/ fix that' kind of way. That feels like the effortless ease I was looking for. The girls at Go Live HQ were instrumental in helping create that!

I've had the opportunity to work with some pretty incredible photographers and their work is reflected throughout the site. If ever you get the chance to work with Ashile, Emily or Lizzy DO IT. Allow them to see your beauty through their lens. It's a gift.

What you can expect from this new space:

- There will be new recipes added weekly. I have a treasure trove of tasty, beautiful and easy-to-prepare whole foods recipes in store for you.

- New meditations will be loaded often. They will always be accessible via the FREE page. If you've not done the most recent one called Not Good Enough it's definitely worth your time!

- Blog posts. I'm excited to talk with you here. It feels like picking up with an old friend right where I left off. 

- Be sure to visit the favorites page! I freaking love that page, I hope you do too. There's a great story about #15 in self care favorites. It isn't linked yet but will be available soon in the shop! Remember when I had an herbal line? It was a really fun chapter in the journey to get me to where I am today. I still have people ask for the arnica balm (it's that good) so all these years later I'm bringing it back!

- The RV Adventure page is a place to follow our journey living simply. There's a LOT to update you on so look for a big ole blog post coming soon.

- There's a brand new offering called a Health Chat! I really want to call this my Internet Hug Because You Don't Have To Do This All By Yourself offering but Health Chat is a bit more concise. You get the best of both Youngs' with this one. I picture friends chatting over tea saying you know who you need to ask? Lacy and Cliff! You need a Health Chat!

- Check out the decision tree on the Work With Me page. It's super handy.

- The next 21-day Sweet Surrender Sugar Detox is Nov 1. Enroll here.

- The Chakra System is in progress now and the results from people taking the course are beyond INSPIRING. Awareness is growing, hearts are opening and bodies are being healed. This is a potent course that will bring you into connection with your energy centers in deep and meaningful ways. You can join us here.

Thank you for being here! Thank you for witnessing ALL the changes I've made over the years. I love you and appreciate you oh so much!

In gratitude,