Worthy Mess

I’m back from my annual practice of a month-long unplug to recharge and it’s so good to be here. Thank you for every single loving comment and post about Ned. I am so grateful for this community space and for your love.

Here’s the truth - sometimes a bath ingredients photo like this would get a tidy little self-care hash tag, the heart eyes emoji and probably a whole bunch of likes. BUT there’s so much more to self-care and I appreciate that we are having those conversations more and more here (and in places like Self-Care Sanctuary with Kelly Rae and me). Self-care is often messy, hard and will sometimes take you down like a spiritual flu!

So while I did things on my month off that are considered mainstream self-care like baths, soaking in hot springs and reading. I also did what my body commanded and laid in bed and writhed in pain after unexpectedly unearthing decades old trauma. Self-care became eating saltines and praying for reprieve. Self-care was sobbing unmercifully in the shower and literally digging a hole in the ground to lay in (I'll say more about that soon). I followed the energy, I tried to remember that it was necessary to trust the process, I let myself wallow and I also saw the bigger picture when it was time to.

What I hope to convey most is that it's ok to be in process and it's ok for it to look like what it is going to look like for you. There is no one way. Your mess is worthy. Sacred even.

Keep going. I love you. Lacy