You. Are. Beauty.

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Two different really strong and beautiful women shared hair stories with me this week. And I got my haircut this week too and left feeling a ton of gratitude for the ease I feel sitting in Crystalโ€™s chair (a rare gift in the life of a naturally curly girl).
One woman has been on a life-long metamorphosis thanks to her hair and the other had yet another bad haircut that left her in tears and seriously challenged her self-confidence.
As I listened to these stories I kept seeing two realities... The first is what we desire for our form and the details of our body and the second is what our body may be trying to teach us about acceptance.
I believe we choose our bodies and part of having a body means learning to live within it and advocate for it as best we can. It seems to me that our bodies could be helping to nudge us towards our authentic selves from the word go. And we only experience grief and suffering because of what society says is pretty and must be done to achieve the ideal look.
I wonder, could it be as simple as listening to your body and letting it lead the way? Could there be peace in a space where hair, shape, size, etc is just another detail but not the defining detail?
All I know is life is short and itโ€™s also a long time and it would be so freeing if we could see, feel and own our individual beauty regardless.
That is not meant to diminish your desires in any way. It is important to honor your desires, and I totally believe in having a haircut you love. It is just also important to stop trying to change yourself for some ideal outside of you. You are so beautiful and loved.