Digestion Remedies from Your Kitchen

Have you ever looked at the ingredients in a tub of Tums or a bottle of Pepto-Bismol? I dare you to Google them! The next time you are experiencing a bit of indigestion or tummy trouble, instead of looking in your medicine cabinet, go to your kitchen to find relief!


A simple cup of fresh brewed tea can really help with gas + bloating! Although pre-packaged tea bags can be convenient, I love making my tea the old fashioned way with a diffuser and bulk herbs.

You can use a pre-formulated blend like Mountain Rose’s Happy Tummy Blend or make your own tea of any of the following herbs alone or in combination, using ½-1 teaspoon herb per 1 cup of water: ajmoda, ajwain, cumin, cardamom, ginger, fennel or baking soda! Some of these herbs can be pretty bitter, so you may want to add a little raw honey.


Constipation is the WORST! I spent much of my childhood with chronic constipation. As an adult in my 20's doctors told me I'd have to take daily fiber for the rest of my life or be ok with eliminating once every 3 days or so. That wasn't good enough for me and it doesn't have to be good enough for you. Changing my diet has kept me regular and feeling much lighter. If you're not eliminating daily it's time to look at your diet and make some adjustments. I am happy to help! You can schedule a free initial consultation anytime!

Here are some simple , non-habit forming remedies: · Triphala is an amazing balancing formula that in smaller doses stops you up, and in larger doses makes you go. Best when washed down with a little bit of ghee. Take 12-18 capsules before before bed on a short-term basis for a strong laxative effect. Longer term use would be 4-6 capsules before bed. · 1 teaspoon aloe vera gel (not juice) before bed · 2-4 teaspoons of ghee in a cup of warm milk before bed (it’s great to combine this with the triphala) · For children: soak 3 figs in warm water, then eat figs and drink water


Diarrhea can be our bodies way of desperately getting rid of something toxic, like food poisoning, and in those cases, its best to let nature run its course (pay special attention to stay hydrated during those times). But, if you are experiencing loose stools, you can try the following: · ½ - 1 teaspoon nutmeg in cool water · ½ teaspoon ginger powder + 1 teaspoon sucanat: eat dry 2-3x/day for 2-3 days · ¼ teaspoon nutmeg + ¼ teaspoon ginger powder + 1 teaspoon sucanat + 1 teaspoon ghee: eat dry 2-3x/day for 2-3 days


Sometimes acid reflux can actually be caused by too little stomach acid (especially if you are grain-free). You can balance yourself out with 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before lunch each day.

If, however, you are trying to reduce acid, try one of these little gems: · 2 Tablespoons aloe vera gel with a pinch of baking soda · 1 cup water + 10 drops lime juice + ½ teaspoon organic sugar + ¼ teaspoon baking soda (add last): drink immediately · 1 cup papaya juice + 1 teaspoon organic sugar + 2 pinches cardamom · 1 teaspoon coriander + 1 teaspoon sugar in room temperature water


Do you or your kids get carsick? Keeping some peppermint Altoids in the car is a great little trick – sucking on those little peppermint candies can be a big relief!

If you are at home try: · Teas of any of the following: fresh ginger, peppermint, cardamom · 1 cup water + 10 drops lime juice + 1 teaspoon sugar + ¼ teaspoon baking soda: stir and drink immediately · Chew cardamom seeds

Medical Disclaimer: None of the information contained in this document is intended to be medical advice or take the place of any evaluation or examination by your medical doctor. If any of the conditions listed above persist for more than three days, consult your doctor immediately.