Tutorial: Dreamy Photo Transfer

Lots of you have asked how I did the photo transfer for the India album so I've prepared a tutorial for you! It's so fun and so easy!

1. Gather supplies.

You will need:
*a surface to transfer to. I'm using the book we did at Artfest in the Tara Ross class, Every Person's Story.
*Gel Medium
*a paint brush
*a photo that has been scanned and printed onto regular copy paper.
*old gift card or credit card

2. Trim your scanned photo printed on regular copy paper and paint Gel Medium all over it. Yeap, paint right on the photo.

3. Flip it over and press it to surface picture side down. It should look like this.
4. Use an old gift card or credit card to smooth the paper down and remove any excess medium.

5. Allow to dry. I used a hairdryer to speed up the process ; )
6. Once dry wet the entire surface with water. I used my finger tips and lightly spread it on in layers. You don't want it to get too wet.
7. The paper will start to roll off and the ink pigment will have stayed on the gel medium! Continue to work the paper off from the center rolling out to the edges.

8. Ta Da! You've got a dreamy looking photo transfer! I especially love that the images are imperfect looking and grainy. Notice that when I started Cliff was on the left and once it's transferred I am on the left. Keep that in mind when selecting your photo to transfer. You might not want to select a photo with a lot of words b/c they will be backwards... or maybe you do!

Have fun you guys!
xxoo Lacy