Weekend Creative.

all done

I LOVE a start to finish project and I'm a big fan of making art for your own home. I'd started a pen and ink project on a canvas a LONG time ago and it was time for a change of plans! I have a TON of embroidery cotton thanks to a dear friend who cleaned out her craft room and figured I'd use it to to create something! Hammer + nails + embroidery thread and this canvas is now happily hanging in my yoga nook!  It took Friday night while watching Can't Buy Me Love and Saturday off and on all day and it was done! 96 skeins of embroidery cotton and a little patience. It was actually really soothing, zen craft time and so easy! I totally recommend it! The sides are my favorite. Once you're done adding thread make sure the nails are hammered in good and then nail them over with the hammer, bending them so they lay flat on the canvas and stretch the threads a bit. Have a wonderful week! Lacy