Be gone sickness!

I woke up this morning and felt like I was me again! That sickness had a real hold on me mind, body and spirit and I am ever so delighted to check back into life!

This was me a few days ago...

Ned and I spent lots of time laying here...

Lately our patio has been kitty central! We've had these two visitors a lot and I think that Ned has a little crush on the pretty fluffy white one . He just sits and watches her (I've decided it's a her) and with any other cat he immediately goes into castle protection mode hissing and spitting.

And... the ties arrived! My mema is the best thrifter that I know and when I told her about my handmade Christmas gifts for the family and that I would need ties she delivered HUGE! Look at all the pretty! Thanks Mema! I've already sorted through and picked my faves and separated them into sets! Let the Christmas crafting begin!

I did some G R E A T journaling this morning. Being able to put pen to paper always soothes my racing mind and particularly today it helped to drag me the last little bit out of that sickness hole. Since returning from RVA in Springfield my mind has been like one of those kids play places at the mall... full of exciting chaos (and germs which turned out to be that flu-- Lol). More on that later... for now I hope this finds you healthy and happy. xo