Friday Friday Friday FINALLY!

OMG this week has been a busy one!

I just took my 1st test for (Integrative Nutrition) school and I totally rocked it! 90% baby! I was so nervous about it and was totally procrastinating. The last time I took a test was college and I've never been a fan of test taking! Creatives don't like being measured with scores but Burns girls thrive on winning so it's a give and take, am I right sister!?

Now I am totally giddy and jumping up and down singing 90! 90! I got a 90!

Someone is trying to get my attention!

and it's working. He's happy now in my lap while I try and finish this post! Good lord imagine a real kid.

Oh and still listening to the new John Mayer CD, I've pretty much got all the songs memorized at this point!

Also loving the 500 Days of Summer soundtrack! I've been singing this one to the point of annoying even myself. LOL It's one of those that you can't resist the beat and I don't quite know all the words so I do a lot of mumbling and smiling and laughing and then come in extra loud when there is a word I know.

Hope that you have a marvelous weekend!