Happiness is having something to look forward to!

Right now...I'm harassing Ned and Cliff is building a fire.
He's such a good sport and I can't even believe my little Ned kitty will be 10 this year! But seriously how cute without ears!

2010 excitement!

This month I'm looking forward to:

*a blog makeover!
I'm changing up the look of things with the help of Miss Freckled Nest to include more facets of me and what I do. I'm so excited about it! Ohhhh go see my pretty ad there too! Cute, hey!? (that was me being Canadian like Leigh-Ann) ; )

*My very first trip to Lake Tahoe! I've lived in California for 5 years now and I've never been to Tahoe to ski! Actually I've only ever been snow skiing once and I'm not sure it really counts. I was in middle school and my dad took us outside of Vegas (that was before Vegas was that cool for kids and all it had going for it was Circus Circus. I can remember having to stand behind a certain line in the casinos while dad fed money into the nickel slots. Oh those were the days)! We were wearing jeans and windbreakers trying to ski! It was hilarious. We froze and really only rode down the bunny slope practicing our wedge all the way down. Kayla I am putting in an official request for you to recount that one on your blog! It's a story worth telling for sure!

*Visits from Aunt Mary and Cody!

*My 31st birthday!
Last year we did a big ole bash and I am thinking this year will be totally chill, low key, me and the Cliffster and our fur face kids. Perhaps a dinner our at our fave Italian place... not sure yet but I just love birthdays (especially mine)! tee hee

This is my cake from 2008

And 2009

*Going to take Seane Corn's class at the Yoga Journal Conference in SF! Love her! Check out her website her arm balances on the home page are insane!
There is so much to look forward to in 2010 and it's only January! Wheeeeeee here we go!