I believe in

Taking breaks. Like this one.  To write and say hello to you guys!  Hello!
The wind & throwing caution to it.
My Love. 
Our magic.
Twirling. I don't twirl enough or do enough cart wheels for that matter.  Hold please while I cart wheel in my living room.  Better now. ha!
Growth spurts, though painful at times (going through one of those right now).  
Being near people who inspire me.
Loving my body as it is today.  I just picked out my boudoir pictures.  I'm still so grateful for that experience.  It remains my Rx for all women.  Seriously, do it. 
Sitting outside.
Living some place just because you love the weather.
Flowers, fresh ones.


Ned. Yes you can believe in a cat.

He's tired, he'd prefer to be in bed (I can see it in his little squinty eyes) but he's sitting faithfully in my lap as always while I burn the midnight oil preparing for a big nutrition talk I've got coming up on Wednesday at a local high school.  It's going to be awesome.  There will be hundreds of students and I betcha I get through to a few of em.  Did I mention it's going to be awesome.

Dragging myself and the Ned to bed.  Ni-nite, sleep tight and have a marvelous Tuesday!  

What are you believing in today?