In Studio Work Day!

Hi All!

Ned and I are in my studio today working. Ned is giving it to a piece of orange grosgrain that had it coming!

I'm working putting together my first group program in between coaching calls today and of course puttering, re-arranging the details in my studio and working on a few love gift projects.

I've done health histories with many of you that have felt a group program would suit your goals better than a one-on-one program so I am putting it together!

Coming late July I will start offering PHONE BASED 6 month nutritional coaching group programs. If you have a group of women that would like to participate or you would like to join a group program email me at and I will send you all the details as well as the Early Enrollment and Referral pricing for the group.

We will meet at the same time, roughly two weeks apart for 12 sessions. Groups offer significantly lower pricing then the 1 on 1 program, additional support and the opportunity to have greater accountability and the potential to make some forever friends! There's something magical about being a part of a group and watching the collective grow and thrive together.

Did you know that most of my work is phone based so it doesn't limit geographic areas? I'd love to work with you in a 6 month 1 on 1 or group program!

I've had some major moments of gratitude this week watching some of my dear girls go through the bull shit and heartache that cubicle corporate life serves up. This work is so powerful and every time I hang up the phone or hug someone good-bye from a session I feel full of gratitude that THIS is my life! So with all sincerity, thank you for allowing me to live out this corner of my best life through supporting you to reach your health and wellness goals.

With so much love!

p.s. I need 6 more health histories for school (i'm almost done! weeeeeee). If any of you would be so kind as to help a girl reach her credential I'd be ever so grateful!

and pps. If you ever need a referral for Integrative Nutrition I'd be delighted to share my experience with you... just in case you ever need to break free from that cube.