Meet the Emu Woobie

This is Ned's new bed and at the moment his best friend in the whole wide world. I was tired of all the cat stuff being an eye sore so I upped the anti and got something that made me happy. Little did I know Ned would fall head over heels for the thing! It's made of Mongolian long-haired lambskin but Cliff started calling it his Emu and it stuck. So I am pleased to introduce you to Ned's Emu.

He sleeps on it or next to it.

He gives it a few rabbit kicks when the urge strikes.

He brings his mice to enjoy it too. Honestly I think he is just keeping an eye on both the mouse and the pillow and has those rabbit kicks on the ready should one of them revolt!

And of course The Hinge got one too! She is not terribly impressed but she's starting to inch a little closer to it during nap time.