My teachers.

ned in the sun

Life is full of teachers in many different forms. My fur face, Ned has been my teacher for nearly 13 years now. It's hard to believe we've been together that long. He's now officially my longest relationship with a man outside of my father. I love the way he turns toward to sun and closes his eyes, the way he really soaks it all in. To watch him exploring outside is wondrous. He's so stimulated, so present. Lately he's reminding me to take it slow, to stretch longer and yawn bigger. Animals + children, they just carry the magic don't they! My big teacher of the moment is this raw food experiment. So much is shifting for me. I'm in awe of just how much can change in such a short period of time when you get out of your own way and allow healing in. Today is day 15. FIFTEEN days of eating fully raw! This week I added a julienne peeler to my kitchen and you'd think I won the lottery. Best 3 bucks I've spent lately, thank you Home Goods! Those little veggie strips are making me so happy! It's amazing how just varying the way you chop something up can change the taste and texture. Try it at home with a carrot. Shred up some carrot and taste it versus a carrot stick. You'll notice the shreds are sweeter tasting! Cool, right!?

Video update:

Looking forward to making some more raw food creations, hanging out with Cliff and soaking up the sunshine this weekend! Hope you have a beautiful weekend! XO Lacy