Pretty day, busy girl!

It's beautiful here today! I've been a busy girl all day and just finished up a massage so now I finally have a moment to sit down and post. Did you know that I am a massage therapist too? I am a wellness girl... massage therapist, yoga teacher and now in school for nutrition!

How is your day going!?

Thought I'd share a few resents of what's been going on round here... these are all from yesterday. I was feeling productive and inspired.

I changed the entry way to this:

The shelf is from Home Goods and it is foam made to look like wood! Very light weight but sturdy. : ) This is where we drop our keys, etc at the end of the day.

The Ned fresh from a nap needed to lay down outside for a bit to wake up.

It's always comforting to know he's listening even when he won't look at me!
My neighbor has been making sun tea a lot lately.
It always makes me smile to see it out there getting all perfectly brewed.

I noticed that the underside of my sleeve has a hidden message... INVENT! Pretty neat and perfectly timed on the day the Clifftech straps went into the world!

My jeans seriously stink. I am thinking that one maybe two more days and then they will need to be washed. LOL

I cleared off my bulletin board and started with a fresh stack of magazines and went to town ripping and cutting anything that was inspiring, dreamy, pretty, funny, smile worthy!

All done and happily hanging in my studio!

What you been up to?
: )