Photos from life of late.
First things first!  
The lacylike labels are IN and I'm stupid happy about it!  If you look closely you can see the whole family in this picture... Cliff in the mirror, Ned in the box the labels came in (of course) and The Hinge on the chair!  Too cute.  
 Lacylike Soaps, Soaks, Salts, Lip balms and Arnica balms are all dressed in labels and oh so happy!
They are patiently waiting to be photographed and loaded to the store.  But for now if you are anxious I will certainly take your order!  
You can see the full line of offerings on the reveal posts here, here and here.  
and of course you may reach me at

 We're resiting taking our Christmas decorations down.  Boxing day came and went and we still have our happy holiday goodies scattered around.  NYE... I'll box it all up on NYE.  It's made me deeply happy to have two little good smelling trees in our house.  I think that's been my very favorite part of this Christmas holiday.
 He's taking over my schedule.  I'm not opposed to it.

Kayla testing out the aerial slings at Breathe.

Cliff is having breakfast.  Ned is hoping he can have some too.

An old photograph of some of Cliff's family that his mom pulled out while we were there at Christmas.  It's in PERFECT condition and I just loved it so much I had to photograph it.  Yeap-- picture of a picture.  It's a school photo of her three older brothers, Otto (2nd row, left side on the end), Fred (2nd row, right side on the end) and Ed (top row on the far right end).  I just love how proper it is.  Each girl is holding her bible, ankles crossed and everyone is looking on their best behavior.

He appreciates the packages that make crackle. I appreciate that there were packages at all.

A few of my favorite gifts. Actually they are the ones that fit into the shoes so I went with that. ha!  You'll notice a lens cap!  FINALLY I have a new lens cap!  The first one tragically flew out the airplane window when I was taking pictures.  The second one... I think the second one decided to go home to the sea one day when we were at the beach (couldn't blame it).  At any rate I have 2 new lens caps!  Wheeeee!  If you make a lacylike lip balm purchase you might recognize some of the twine ;) in your shipment.  I'm telling you right now, it's cute!
The HOT studio at Breathe.  We are in the final push to opening.  Days are long and chaotic, my name is worn out by noon with all the lacy-ing that's going on and it's all perfectly wonderful.  At the end of the day when everyone goes and I'm there alone I pick a room, sit and breathe.  I lay on the floor, look up at all we've built and I am grateful, tired but grateful.  

An old lamp at Cliff's folks house.  I'm always amazed at little pieces of furniture that fade into the background of life...things we have for years that are really nothing special.  This just caught my eye for some reason on this day.  I am in awe of how sturdy and substantial things used to be made.  This is definately a lamp that says- hey I WILL LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD much unlike some of the lamps we'd run out and buy at Target today. 

In a burger joint bathroom of all places.  LOVED. IT.  Yeap I almost always have my camera... even in the bathroom.  In all fairness it was in my purse (ok really big purse bag thingie).

 Rawrrrr!  You know... It's I love you in dinosaur language.
Meet Rex...

This is Cliff's old Land Cruiser Jeep (that lives at his parents house) that will one day get a proper paint job and overhaul. I could give Cliff a super duper surprise I'd give him his Land Cruiser all polished up and good as new.  Rex could use a sprucing in the worst kind of way. 

So that's what I've been up to lately! Whatca been up to?

p.s. if you are Bay Area Local we are offering 2 free days of yoga on the 1st and 2nd at Breathe!  C'mon down!