I had something totally different in mind for today but hearing sad news and then seeing Katy's posting has lead me here.

What a gift our pets are. They have power far beyond our wildest understanding. Yesterday when I got the news from Katie that their Scout had moved on the the dog park in the sky Ned and the Hinge put their differences aside and curled up next to me as I hurt for my friends loss. They just knew.

Scout and her family were terribly kind to me at a time when I was in serious transition. They loved me with all they had, took care of me when I had one of my trachea surgeries, and sat with me through countless hours of tears and rambling. A lot of my healing and learning about myself really started at their kitchen table.

Thank you for loving me, Scoots. I will be seeing you. Have fun up there playing with your Abby-doodle and if you see my Nellie and my Baby could you please give them a kiss for me!