The sun has finally come out!

The rain has finally stopped.
We've found the best little spot of sunlight on the front porch. 
I'm flipping through catalogs and magazines.

Ned is scratching his face.
Hingie is on her favorite rug enjoying the sun.  
Let's be fair the gal has never met a rug she didn't like.
Checking each other out (I am SO glad I got this shot).  A rare moment of complete peace that turns into laying near each other,  testimony to the power of abundant sunshine!  Sweet little fur face kisses!
I will never get tired of watching Ned.  The way he bats at my camera strap, munches on leaves that cross is path and winks his eyes in the sunlight.  One of my most profound little fur face teachers.

Today feels like a new day.  It's going to be a good week. 
Hoping the sun is shining bright on your face today!
Love and fur face kisses!