What's happening Wednesday!

I woke up this morning with a million things swimming in my mind so... I made a gigantic to do list! It's gonna be a big day but 4th down on the list (that's right I've already marked off three things) was to get in here and blog! Mema said that Aunt Mary checked 3x yesterday just waiting for my blog post! Love that! So this one's for you Aunt Mary! Hope it comes at a good time in your day!

This is going to be one of those little of this, little of that posts!

THIS guy has got the right idea. Seriously... how can I get me some of that? Ok that sounded wrong, I meant the idea not the guy. LOL Oh look I am funny already this morning! LOL

Health Histories are coming in! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH and keep em coming!

OMG the first time I did my health history and then sat to have it gone over I was a mess. I felt completely naked and afraid of being judged. I mean c'mon can I really tell this women that I used to love to eat Oscar Meyer Ham and Cheese loaf (you know the kind with the flecks of cheese in it-- oh yes I used to suck the cheese out) or the Pillsbury Dough Boy has a very special place in my heart? I used to love me some cinnamon rolls and orange danish rolls! Oh and let's not forget my long time love affair with pints upon pints of Blue Bell and Ben and Jerry. So worry not when filling yours out because you'll only get love here.


Our neighbors came over and the girls just loved the cats. The Hinge in particular because they could catch her and pick her up. The oldest kept picking her up right under front legs and head and letting her whole body dangle to the ground (the cat was as tall as she is). Hingie was a good sport, she just kept grunting but was very gentle with them. It was hilarious (and I want one).

Sunday we took a drive to the cabin to drop off some furniture and take back the trailer from when we did all that wood chopping. The cabin is the place where all our old stuff that we love goes to find new life. It was such a beautiful day for driving.

It was so beautiful once we arrived. Fall is apparent and all the shades of gold and red and yellow and green were so vivid.


Right now... Ned has taken to sleeping in my lap when I am on the computer. He is laying on my left arm (I am left handed) so I am trying to type hen pecking with my right hand. LOL I'm a giver.
Have a wonderful day!